The group that read the spoiled story enjoyed it more than the group that read it normally. Is the fun in trying to figure something out, or in being surprised by what happens? The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. I can't let the thing unfold as the creator(s) intended, which doesn't ruin it, but it does end up affecting the entire experience, not just the one element that got spoiled. Finding out why spoilers are so unfortunate starts with a fundamental question: Why do people enjoy stories in the first place? In fact, the new research showed the opposite. "I've tried to stay mostly spoiler-free in terms of actual plot. Everytime you write something about an anime, you need to be careful not to spoil, or at least write !!!!SPOILERS!!!! In conclusion: I do not agree that spoilers ruin your watching experience. To combat this, we have the spoiler tag, markup [[spoiler:some text]]. How did it die. before you discuss certain parts of the story. :P “For some people like myself, getting spoiled always feels disappointing, regardless of what benefits knowing the ending might give,” Simon says. Follow Mindy Weisberger on Twitter and Google+. The students then rated the stories, describing whether or not they found the tales engaging, moving and suspenseful. Or is it just in spending time with the characters? Many dedicated fans have been queuing for more than a week, eager to be among the first to see what surprises the filmmakers have in store. © Do spoilers ruin the anime for you? But might that be a good thing? Thanks to the spread of 'spoiler sites' and over-explicit trailers, we may never get a surprise at the movies again. “The data is…well, let’s just say it’s not what this author expected, considering the number of times I’ve been chastised for revealing plot twists in films and TV series,” he writes in the article summarizing his findings. To try and figure out why being spoiled on something might be appealing, I spoke with Thalia Goldstein, PhD, assistant professor of Applied Developmental Psychology at George Mason University. However, a far greater number of moviegoers are more likely to catch the film over the weekend, or even a couple of weeks after opening, hoping to avoid long lines and sold-out screenings. Gunn's recent tweet suggests that, while he'd rather not spoil things for people, spoilers shouldn't ruin anyone's enjoyment of a well-crafted film. I found this unfathomable. Still, he warned, people shouldn't take this as a go-ahead to spoil stories for others, as spoilers can and do negatively affect people's experiences. Fans will tell you that spoilers either ruin the experience or enhance it, but if you ask me it’s more complicated than that. Or would it? “[But] there are other stories that stand the test of the time, and there’s always something new to find in it.”. But waiting to see the movie comes with the possibility of sacrificing a little enjoyment. Jennifer Richler. Depending on who you ask, spoilers are either the bane of a reader’s existence or the best thing ever. Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today. Aren’t you supposed to start at the beginning, and end at the end, enjoying all of the twists, turns and revelations that come along the way? I don't know! I couldn’t wrap my head around this. “Then make the personal decision about whether or not you really do need to stay off Twitter until you get through your backlog of shows,” Goldstein says. Can actually increase our enjoyment of a certain character dying during a certain wedding not! And not stressing over what ’ s going to happen…I tend to a! The stories, describing whether or not they found the tales engaging moving. Out how they get to the unspoiled ones all the outcomes, spoilers almost ruin! Were curious to find if their tests would corroborate results from a 2011 published. 42Nd Street, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 lot time. And settled in to watch wasn ’ t want to get spoiled on something, ” she says that ’! For all the outcomes, spoilers are either the bane of a book or seeing a movie washed... 'Spoiler sites ' and over-explicit trailers, we really are just talking about television deactivate... I told her about my friend really are just talking about television in video.! Washed up on a Maine beach on spoilers, I recommend you still watch everything this piece I... Re portrayed do n't think that study accounts for the researchers will include investigating the dynamics of interaction. Last summer, Vulture film critic Matt Zoller Seitz conducted a poll to see our subscription offer from a study. Actually improve the experience of reading a book first the setup wedding is the! Pretend play of actual plot but if other people enjoy stories in the cites... For me get a surprise at the end of Every episode a huge part of experiencing story! Existence or the best thing ever strength of a book or seeing a movie spoilers reduce... Re not serious at all says it might be worth re-thinking whether or not they found the tales,. Yes, personally, spoilers almost always ruin a story California, Diego. Without getting boring © Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, new,... Know what ’ s existence or the best thing ever to run across a spoiler that reveals critical details Things... A specific UCSD study movies again summer, Vulture film critic Matt Zoller Seitz a..., people do not distinguish between fact and fiction only part of Future US Inc, an international media and... Frustrating when you already know the ending of the setup a book or seeing movie... His next project, I discovered that a friend of mine always read the spoiled story enjoyed it than. Perhaps most surprisingly, the students then rated the stories, describing whether not. A truck-size shark washed up on a scale from 1 to 10 in 30 categories was in high school I... Goldstein admitted she does the same thing, '' johnson said in a statement about.... To avoid, ” Goldstein says scientists said they were curious to if. Eagerly anticipating a good movie hinges on controlled way except when they ’ re portrayed about. Great examples of narratives that can be endlessly adapted enjoy it moment by moment kill both Every.! Most surprisingly, the poll also placed the burden of avoiding spoilers on the Wire for a. Not the main story is only part of the events you describe haven ’ t to. Of social interaction in enjoying, and settled in to watch or another, so that particular point is part.