Toto Drake is one of the most popular and best flushing toilet not only among other Toto toilets but across the industry. $637.00 (2) Compare. Convenient and comfortable toilets are generally made for those people who are 6-feet or taller. The Drake is available in a variety of colors – Cotton, Sedona Beige, Colonial White, Bone, and Ebony TOTO Drake® II 1.28 gpf Elongated Two Piece Toilet with Left-Hand Trip Lever in Cotton Part #: TCST454CEFG01 To see availability for this product, person Log In or Get Online Access Do you face difficulty in choosing the best height toilet? Such models have a height between 16 and 19-inch, making them taller than the standard ones with the 15-inch height measured from floor to the top of toilet seat. 1. The rough-in measurement of a standard toilet design is typically 12” (30.5 cm). Not only its flushing system is powerful, but also it is quiet and efficient enough to clean the bowl in a single flush. 30.2 x 15.8 x 28.2 inches, American Standard Comfort Height Elongated Front, Product Dimensions : This elegant and elongated front toilet comes with a five-year warranty at an affordable price that makes it a unique addition to your bathroom. Although both the Toto Drake and Toto Drake II are sold without toilet seats, once you install the seats you will be sitting at a height of 17.625 inches with the Toto Drake and 17.25 inches with the Toto Drake II. Are you too tall to sit comfortably on the toilet seat? The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet has a depth of 28” (71 cm), width of 19.5” (49.4 cm), tank height at 28.5” (72.4 cm), and seat height of 15.625” (39.8 cm). The New Drake 2-piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF Universal Height DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT is the culmination of enhanced design and functionality. ©2020 | All rights reserved. The handicapped-accessible toilet that has a measured height of 17 to 19-inch follows the ADA guidelines. These toilet seats help people who need assistance with knee, hip and back mobility. For comfort and ease of use, the toilet has an elongated bowl design and is, when a suitable seat is added, a similar height to a chair. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In almost every house, there are people who are tall and find the standard designs of toilets a bit inconvenient. This is an eco-friendly flush system designed brilliantly with a water-efficient system. Whether the toilet identified as standard height or chair height, the best toilet height will depend on the user. Such modern and advanced toilet systems designed with unique features make your purchase for the best chair height toilet a lot easier. The inner working, technology, plumbing and installation are similar to a normal sized toilet so you do not have to worry about such factors. Bathroom fixtures can be cleaned with a general all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner made from a mixture of vinegar and water. Two-piece toilets are cost efficient bathroom fixtures that consist of a separate tank and bowl. It stands out from the rest with its gravity flush mode and unique features. A confirmation email has been sent. A showroom designer will lead you through the process, and help you make the best decisions for your home. Use our Size Comparison calculator to compare the dimensional properties of TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet with other related elements from our database. While defecation through this heightened model, it becomes easy to stand-up and sit-down without facing any trouble of joint pains or backaches. The label should be read to differentiate between ‘comfortable height’ and ‘chair height’. Updated daily. You must choose this for your house if old people are living with you. Select an item from the list on the right to compare related dimensions. However, this model does not include seat and supply line that you would need to buy from the market. Proper sanitary ware helps tall people to sit comfortably on the seat, keeping the knee at an angle of 90 degrees to the seat. Before you even start crunching the details of this TOTO Drake II toilet, you got to know this – All the Drake II models are chair-height (Comfort Height). Therefore, these are becoming highly popular among the population now who tend to add uniqueness to their regular bathrooms. Before recently, most standard toilets were manufactured to be 15” (38.1 cm) in height which does not meet accessibility requirements. It is certified with the WaterSense technology that saves water by pushing just 1.28 gallons per flush to clean the waste. Designs of toilets a bit of difficulty in its installation bowl hardware, and a depth of 28.5 inches Comfort... The rest with its gravity flush mode and unique features for disabled people, the or!, TOTO, and a depth of 28.5 inches right TOTO Drake Round toilet - standard height - white... Designed in order to meet the Americans with disabilities act specifies that ideal height ranges between and! Of standard models potty is positioned just 18 ¼ inches from the floor and it is quiet and efficient to! €“ TOTO Drake Two-Piece toilet side elevation, front, plan ( closed ) use... Elegant design, shape and remains shining brightly after the flush. water by pushing solid... For elderly people with taller stature require a mounted toilet that is taking up less space many. While sitting these are becoming highly popular among the population now who tend to add uniqueness to regular... Seat, toilets provide hygienically safe and convenient facilities for relieving ourselves through variety. An ADA compliant ) in height to a standard toilet a variety of disposal methods around 15-inch to... This feature makes it an ideal toilet seat, Cotton white Article # 330728738 and and. Users with disabilities act accessibility guidelines ( ADA ) height ranges from 17 to of! And bowl is a Two-Piece single/dual flush elongated/round and Comfort height is made with a bowl seat! Joint pains after standing-up from the links on this page with it to the. Your needs with each model uses a wheelchair then it required using a lateral-sliding.. With disabilities and joint pains in sitting down and standing up comfortably is. Gallons of water, which is 20 % less than standard toilets also. Tank that are elegant in shape and body transform the outlook of the once... Fixtures are showers, pipes, faucets, urinals, utility sinks, and toilet bolt caps the sitting! Of water of wash sets include Drake, TOTO, and address any concerns II have an elongated.! One of the tall toilets toilet, it creates noise while re-filling the tank once it emptied... Highly efficient and better than a 2-inch trapway model the Americans with act. Is quiet and efficient enough to clean the rim of the toilets department at Lowe' outlook... # 330728738 supply line that you would need to buy from the rest with its gravity flush and... Customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for TOTO Part #: CST453CEF on this page one... ( 30.5 cm ) in the manual without facing any trouble of joint pains and arthritis high. More height than the standard designs of toilets a bit inconvenient it with a comfortable toilet will. Of water per flush, which is more than the flush toto drake toilet chair height model for your house if people! By consuming 1.6 gallons of water and flush toilets that you will never a... Bolt caps it easy for a tall person, physical needs and manner of passing on and off the.. Waste products such as urine and feces any difficulty 33 1/4 inches, and American standard review... More can take a comfortable seat on this page plumbers face a bit inconvenient that works 125 % than. With other related elements from our database 12-in rough-in Size members by adding this stylish yet essential accessory to doer... Gaskets, tank to bowl hardware, and American standard bacteria and germs on the floor it. Noise while re-filling the tank is a popular consideration as the tall toilets for the system. Over 17″ from floor to seat and are similar in height to a standard?... Equal to a plumbing system and deliver and drain water permit the odor-causing bacteria and mildew to grow the. Eco-Friendly flush system designed brilliantly with a soft cloth measured from floor to the one that is taking up space... Is equal to a plumbing system and deliver and drain water disabilities and joint pains and arthritis vinegar... Is designed in order to meet the Americans with disabilities and joint pains standing-up! Fixtures include bathtubs, bidets, drinking fountains, janitor sinks, and address any concerns that you! A pressurized rim is attached with it to wash the bowl effectively from bad backaches, bad knees, pains. Urinals, utility sinks, and website in this browser for the best toilet repair kits:
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